-Do you paint people? : At this point and time in my career I am not painting people or family portraits. However from time to time I will paint celebrity figures/sports players/icons.

-How much are you paintings/murals? : There is wide range of prices and each project determines the price. I try to work with everyone but I have a minimum price of ~$375

-How much are your pet portraits? : Pet portraits start at $500 and that gets you an 18x24 on gallery wrapped canvas with a minimal background.

-What is your rate for murals? : I do my best to work with everyone's budget as they can be expensive and laborious. My rate ranges between $24-$30 per sq ft.

-Do I need to give a deposit? : Yes, your deposit will solidify your spot on my commissions list and deposit amounts are based on your total price. (Murals require both a deposit and contract.)

-Form of acceptable payments? : Credit, Debit, Check and Apple Pay. 

-How long will my artwork last? : With good care, practically a lifetime. I seal your artwork with roughly 3-4 coats of varnish in your choice of satin, gloss, or matte. Some of my artwork is mixed media and covered in resin, those pieces are indestructible.

-How long until my artwork will be finished? : Timeline ranges from 2-7 months right now, it's usually shorter but could be longer. I don't like to rush projects.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out! :) You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok