Joey Burr. Creator. Visionary. Artist


 Hi there and welcome to my art journey! I'm a self taught artist from western Massachusetts where I was born and raised. I'm a lover of animals, mother-nature, sunrises, and the great outdoors!

I have no awards, degrees, niches or crazy accolades to brag about, but what I do have is true love for creating. My connection with art started at a young age, I was the kid growing up who always had crayons and markers in his hand. I seemed to always get some sort of art supplies for birthdays and holidays because my family could see I had a knack for creating. After years of only periodically doing art, in the winter of 2021 I decided to follow my heart and pour everything I had into my craft and by the end of April I was a fulltime artist! 

My medium of choice is usually acrylics & oils on canvas but I draw and even work with wood from time to time! I pride my art on the benefits of limitless creativity.

Mission Statement: At the end of the day, I want my art to be impactful and bring joy to human lives as much it does to my life!

So I invite you to come take this art journey with me, who knows what will happen! Simply contact me here through the website or through social media to start the process of customizing and bringing to life your creation or just to say hi! 

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